11 September 2012


It's too easy to click on stuff.

I "liked" one thing and then other people who "liked" it posted stuff and I got notified and all of a sudden I was on some random page that was made by some angsty 14 year old girl who thinks that her boyfriend of exactly one week is a jerk because he broke up with her via text. That's when I stepped back and checked out my facebook and suddenly felt overwhelmed. There is too much on it. Sometimes I go through and hide things and "unlike" things just to clear out the clutter.

It's like cleaning out my house. I try to do deep cleans of every room at least twice a year. It's strange, but breathing feels easier after every time 3 black bags stuffed of garbage and unused crap gets thrown out or donated. At my mom's house this weekend, I went through a lot of childhood belongings. It was all stuff I had been through several times before. I realized that it gets to a point where everything you own has sentimental value because you've already purged yourself of all of the stuff that doesn't.

Maybe it's just time for a good deep cleaning of my online presence. Can we ever stay organized with all of these usernames, passwords, account numbers, links, likes, tags, and labels piling up over our heads like 6 feet of snowfall? Why do they make it so easy to click?