16 October 2012

Getting to know my Nook, pt. 3

I've done it. I am now the proud owner of the electronic version of Tobias Wolff's "This Boy's Life." I only have about 40 more pages to go, and I have to say I'm loving my nook. It doesn't hurt my eyes like I thought it would, and it's so easy to turn the pages. It's also quite easy to bookmark, highlight and make notes while I'm reading and I don't have to stop to write anything. I also don't have to ruin a good print book with obscure class notes.

I did struggle with the purchasing. I'm not sure if it was because of me, my nook, or my wi-fi, but I could not confirm my purchase. After clicking "confirm" and entering my B&N password well over 10 times, I stepped away from my nook. I did some other homework and when I had sufficiently calmed myself from the maddening insubordination, I tried to confirm my purchase one last time. It worked, and I began my reading.