21 April 2013

Getting to Know my Nook, Pt. 4

I'm definitely more experienced now. I can navigate my nook like a pro, especially since I bought Mrs. Dalloway for a class last semester. It was easy to bookmark pages (and I didn't have to ruin a perfectly good paper copy!) and to take notes (no nasty side margins!)

However, even in the wake of the success of my navigation and bonding, the nook has brought another kind of enjoyment to my life. It has inspired my x-box playing, tv watching, redneck, chef of a boyfriend to read. As we relaxed in our bed on night, he flipped through the channels mindlessly. Or so I thought. He was actually looking over my shoulder as I browsed through the "New Arrivals" section in the Barnes & Noble online store. He surprised me when he asked if he could hold the nook. I asked why and he responded "I want to buy a book." My mouth dropped and my eyes bulged. Those words had never escaped his mouth before this moment. I was impressed. I've never been the cynic about e-readers--you know, e-readers will be the death of the novel and all that--but I never embraced it either (mostly because of my love of paper and the smell of both old and new books.) But laying in bed with Joey, I realized that in this electronic world, e-readers may actually be the start of a new generation. A literature inspired, well-read, creative and open generation.

However, as much as I love seeing him reading, he's gonna need to learn how to share. Or maybe we should just get another nook.