29 July 2014

Film in MD, pt. 2

After I wrote my last article (see Film in MD), Joey and I attended our first Cast & Crew Netflix Launch Party. While it was fun "rubbing elbows" with Kevin Spacey (dressed in designer jeans, a slick white blazer and matching fedora) and being able to see people outside of work, the most rewarding part was seeing how far our arms actually reach. As we strolled by the tables of steamed clams, fresh fruit, and crab dips we expressed our excitement at how enjoyable it was to be the ones cooked for...for once. But as we basked in the glory of not cooking, we ran into one of the heads of the construction department and his lovely wife. He introduced as "the guys who feed us every night." Her eyes lit up in the dark of the outdoor canopy and she smiled and thanked us for the food. We turned to Mike, confused. It was then he admitted to us that they have 6 kids and 2 dogs at home so whatever the construction guys don't eat during the day he takes home to his family. I was taken aback. A tear formed in my eye and I noticed the same looking back at me. His wife grabbed my hand and said, "We appreciate it. After all, it's not everyday our kids get to have crab cakes."

I looked at Joey and we knew that no matter what our bosses griped about, no matter how hard we criticized ourselves and each other, our part in the crew, in the world, was bigger than both of ever knew. We're glad to be able to give our cooking to others, especially those whose gratitude knows no bounds, because we know what a home-cooked meal means. It's not just Sunday dinner with the family. It's tradition. It's sharing. It's giving. It is selfless in all rights and never expects or accepts compensation. It's love.