11 July 2014

Film in MD

The following are my feelings on this article: http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2014/07/10/house-of-cards-veep-among-md-rooted-shows-with-emmy-nominations/

I'm slightly biased about this since Joey and I are lucky to be a part, but anything that brings jobs is a good thing. We were flat broke, struggling to get by, living on pasta and goldfish (haha) when an old friend contacted Joey and brought us into the House of Cards crew. Most of the people we've met are wealthy to-do's from LA, but there are also a lot of underprivileged and weary souls who are finally earning enough to support themselves. We are extremely grateful for our positions but we are also happy to be able to feed those mouths that cannot yet feed themselves. There is one young, male painter who can't afford to buy himself lunch while he is there so we cook an extra meal for him everyday. He never picks, he's not greedy, and he always says thank you. Of course, I'm glad that the film industry benefited Joey and myself, but I'm even more ecstatic that it can benefit those worse off than we and give us the chance to do the same. #supportfilminMD