Most recently I was published in Plorkology: A Collection of Stories & Essays, a student published anthology of authors selected from a long list of current and previous students of the MFA program at the University of Baltimore.

For the past few years I have been slowly working on a forthcoming collection of stories and essays regarding my time spent as a single woman in Baltimore city after ending a 5 year relationship. I hope to begin looking for publishers late next year. 

My first book, Crockett, fulfilled my program requirements for earning my MFA in Creative Writing & Publishing Arts at the University of Baltimore in 2013, but it also achieved a life-long goal. Crockett is a collection of memories that I put together in an attempt to understand myself through the hardships I experienced at the hands of my father. Some of the memories spilled out effortlessly and some were uncovered only after excruciatingly difficult brain excavating. Of course, it was all worth it and now you can buy it through PayPal using the link below, or via my shop on Etsy.

Dawn Marie Gannon
$10 (plus a $3 shipping charge)

During my final year at Penn State University, I was an intern for the Penn State Extension Department (specifically working with Economic and Community Development). While working for ECD I did a lot of what I consider "mundane office tasks" that only went quickly if I was listening to my iPod. But the bulk of the work I did for them consisted of conducting interviews with extension coordinators throughout the state of Pennsylvania about their recent projects and events and writing up interesting summaries for the ECD Newsletter. Since then, I believe most of the articles have been lost, but you can view one from April 2010 here.

In the summer of 2009, I spent 8 weeks conducting research in a TRIO program known as the The Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program. Those 8 weeks culminated in the completion of a research paper detailing my findings and an oral presentation. You can view my submitted paper, published in the Summer 2009, Volume 16 Penn State McNair Journal here.